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People spend an average of 8.18 hours to work in shenyang two-thirds of people go home after work, too

Date: 2015-12-15

A few days ago, the social survey research center of Peking University joint a recruitment website for cities of the country's per capita statistical work time and leisure time.Research with the method of online survey, in the four-week investigation, a total of more than 30000 effective questionnaires are the country to charge., according to data from the general workers spend an average of 7.33 hours of sleep every day, work for 8.66 hours and 8.38 hours of work in the company, 0.28 hours to work from home, commuting 0.96 hours, leisure activities such as 7.05 hours.
Among them, guangzhou office worker is the most busy, daily working hours for 9.02 hours, the leisure is changchun office worker, daily work time is 8.05 hours.Shenyang second-to-last place workers working time, daily working hours for 8.18 hours.
Shenyang home office worker continue to work for 0.2 hours
Social survey research center of Peking University, according to the shenyang office workers spend an average of 7.97 hours every day working in the company, and close to 8 hours.Among them, 30.3% of people over 10 hours, up to 16 hours.After work, about one-third (34.2%) of the workers don't work after I come home from work.About two-thirds (65.8%) of the people continued to work after the home, the average home continue to work after 0.2 hours.Go home and continue to work, 32.6% of people rarely go home work, 21% of people to work from home sometimes, 8.4% of people often come home work, 3.8% of the people back home after almost will continue to work.
In the list of 15 cities in the daily working hours on the sort of guangzhou to work an average of 9.02 hours, in the first place.Shanghai and Beijing, respectively, in the third and seventh, data for 8.89 hours and 8.68 hours respectively.Changchun office worker is the most leisure, daily working hours for 8.05 hours.Shenyang second-to-last place workers working time, daily working hours for 8.18 hours.
Shenyang people commuting time after Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin was fourth
On the work time, shenyang office worker average round-trip time was 1.14 hours, after Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin no. 4.Beijing to average round-trip time was 1.32 hours in the first place, the average round-trip time was 1.17 hours, Shanghai tianjin office worker average round-trip time is 1.15 hours.Hangzhou and shenzhen with an average of 0.86 and 0.87 hours in commuting time shortest city top two.
In sleep time, sleep of guangzhou office worker the shortest time and the average time was 7.18 hours;Secondly, Beijing office worker, 7.24 hours of sleep;Shenyang office worker ranked no. 11, 7.39 hours sleep.Qingdao and changchun to 7.47 hours in the top two, the average sleep time longest.
Office workers leisure entertainment is given priority to with "home"
Learn charge, sports fitness, housework, home entertainment, leisure entertainment, going out, shopping, shopping in the seven main recreational activities such as shopping, office workers used most time is in the home entertainment, 8.025 hours a week.By contrast it is leisure time go out only 2.385 hours.Office workers prefer curtilage at home rather than go out.
In seven activities, the time is the least amount of sports fitness, per week on average less than 1 hour.Commuters spend a week in the online time on average 1.953 hours, went shopping for 2.222 hours, it shows that online shopping has been quite common, become one of the main channel of people shopping.62.4% of workers surveyed no vacation travel within three months before, and in a vacation travel, on average 3.07 days, visible to travel for short trips.
Office worker "house" is the main partner of the mobile phone at home, 70% of workers use cell phones to see video to listen to music, 40% of workers use their phones to play games, only 35% of workers use their phones to access information and learning, shopping and pay more than 60% of workers with mobile phones.Cities, in contrast, the proportion of migrants and the study of county residents using a mobile phone are at 50%, the proportion of online with your mobile phone and pay around 25%.Shenyang daily, shenyang network reporter tumon ya
Shenyang people earn a third "eat"
Shenyang municipal bureau of statistics latest data show that in the first half of 2015, shenyang urban residents per capita disposable income of 18290 yuan, up 6.5% from a year earlier, compared with a decade ago, increased by 3.8 times.In incomes, salary income accounted for 50.7% of the residents per capita disposable income in shenyang.Look from growth, property net income, net income growth of 10% or more, far higher than the growth of wage income.
In the first half of the consumption side, shenyang urban residents per capita consumption expenditure of 10933 yuan, an increase of 6.8%.Compared with a decade ago, shenyang urban residents per capita consumer spending has increased by three times."Eat" accounted for shenyang people spend their money on the big boss, in the total cost, food consumption accounts for 32.7%, followed by the education and cultural entertainment (15.6%) and traffic communication (15%), clothing consumption in the fourth (13%).The rest of the costs are the supplies and services (9%), health care (7%), and other supplies and services (4.7%) and living (3%).Compared with a decade ago, shenyang people consumption structure has changed, education and cultural entertainment consumption increased from 10 years ago, the fifth place to second place.In all the expenses, education and cultural entertainment consumption growth is the fastest, up 15.1% from a year earlier.