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Shen: in the north new district party do real work Poverty alleviation and more accurate

Date: 2015-12-15

"Grass-roots party organizations in poverty alleviation fighting forts, party members and cadres be pioneer for poverty alleviation model."On December 14, the reporter in an interview in the north new district, shen deep experience in the construction of grass-roots party organizations to do solid work, does the practical work, to make more accurate for poverty alleviation, service in place.
In the yellow house street, grass-roots party organizations in the battle for poverty alleviation precision power become a feature.Street party working through "one to one" evaluation of poor poverty, income is calculated, the way out of poverty, has carried on the quantitative analysis of the specific measures to gradually establish the yellow area multi-level precision system for poverty alleviation, formulated the "one household one policy" comprehensive poverty alleviation plan, the key to establish a government guarantee "blood transfusion of poverty" and "earned income" hemopoietic poverty "11 measures for the introduction, to ensure that all precision of poverty to become rich.Dispatching from street to villages, vice secretary of party branch, the community service station stationmaster precision are the first responsible person for poverty alleviation, the accurate advance situation of poverty as the most important service performance appraisal, applies a system of "one ticket veto", arouse the enthusiasm of service station, via pressure conduction has very obvious.
Public welfare post employment support mechanism is the party organizations at the grass-roots level in helping rushes out a new way.In the past, such as health cleaning temporary employment, community public welfare jobs are the "boys", a lot of human eyes are various corporations preemption.Today, they will open all these jobs, priority arrangement of poor families, disabled family staff.Reporters learned that the only health cleaning, streets are arranged for 40 low-income residents in a doorway, monthly income of 900 yuan.Big old gu ding community low-income residents in those days the implementation of poverty, people will thank the accurate good policy for poverty alleviation.Huang street also joint oasis agricultural development base, shenyang will build more secure greenhouses, free to have the ability of low-income residents to PengCai planting, street is responsible for the overall support startup capital, technical guidance, arrange sales into the whole process of the supermarkets.
In stone buddhist temple street community, a native of the party members' vanguard, northern liaoning shenyang seven rice co., LTD., general manager of hong yun to become rich does not forget to drive people out of poverty.After investigation, to find the rice paddies hong yun river crab case is a good project.To this, he through the land circulation to the circulation of gold 800 yuan per mu, from the house of room, and lu, meng home, xiaotun, such as community farmers planting land circulation and cooperation, and built 3000 mu shen north dipper crab field meter base.Field made of rice harvest this year, he planted the crab, not only to sell a good price, good m farmers improve their incomes, and rice paddies to raise revenue income of 800 yuan per mu of crabs.
As a party member, hong yun to first thought is to make the difficult farmers participate in this great project, make it rich as soon as possible.He offered to all streets covered 30 poor own AIDS, in that they enjoy the same income benefit at the same time, to take the initiative to hong yun will acquire the profits of the needy rice all return, so that every compared with other ordinary farmers, will be more income of ten thousand yuan.That alone, to every year to offer QuanJie poor hong yun for the fund will reach 300000 yuan.Close to hong yun also failed to spare, is preparing to expand the scale of crab field of rice planting, and farmers sign a new contract right to the contracted management of rural land circulation, land circulation per acre cross-over guaranteed $1000.Which will drive more farmers took to the road to riches.
Shenyang daily, shenyang network reporter li li, zhi-guang gao