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Shenyang large opening school historiographers

Date: 2015-12-15

Daily report from our correspondent (shenyang, shenyang net reporter Yang nominative) on December 11, after the preparation of a year and a half nervous, shenyang university archives council official opening.City leaders ji-an li, badad common mark the history museum.
Historiographers shenyang big school covers an area of 1440 square meters, equipped with eight galleries, a total of more than 1200 photos, physical materials more than 300.Learned, shenyang university historiographers construction project officially started in 2014, in the whole project implementation process, the construction team to consult the records of more than 1000 volumes, more than 1000 copies of field interviews of more than 400 people, teachers and students to collect old photos, more than 3000, finishing materials 130000 words, but also received a lot of teachers and students, alumni and people from all walks of life donated precious historical material.