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Yellow River north street will create "huanggu entrepreneurial innovation blocks"

Date: 2015-12-15

Shenyang evening news net news (reporter jiang green wave), shenyang on December 12, Huanggu District held the first "Internet + wisdom huanggu double gen summit".Conference, Huanggu District government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the enterprise, to develop "huanggu entrepreneurial innovation blocks".
"Huanggu entrepreneurial innovation block", is "wisdom" huanggu construction of key projects.Block is located in the Yellow River north street, the project will use the 8000 square meters to build entrepreneurial innovation blocks, provide functional entrepreneurial innovation platform for entrepreneurs.In addition to the independent geeks to provide the necessary office space, also has a public lounge, road show center, and customer training camp, incubation center, functional areas, as well as creative food, coffee and other necessary life service area.Project will also introduce professional service agencies and seed fund, the industrial fund, to move into start-ups offer including product design, hosting, financing, clearing, trading and other professional services.
Huanggu District, moreover, the government will also actively provide cooperative enterprise policy special funds application, the implementation of the national tax breaks and preferential policy, provide relevant experts, scholars, technical support and other services, human resources and intellectual resources, including an adequate education in colleges and universities around talent advantage, promote the development of entrepreneurial innovation blocks.
In the future, Huanggu District will develop "and guest" industrial base, developing entrepreneurship nursery, incubator, accelerator space such as the carrier, make more blocks of entrepreneurship, innovation, help more young people reach their dreams.